The American Girl Store

Hey There! This is Chloe! Sorry for the really late report! I have been really busy! So, the AG Store was SO SO SO SO cool! I loved it! I got a lot of things, considering I only had $50. 
I got Isabelle's ear's pierced, and Caroline scrubbed down and I also got a shirt made. I also got

all of those things! I had such a great time there. Here are some pics:

Caroline and Izzy were talking with the models!

 A personal favorite!

My dessert at the Bistro!

 The Salon!

 Huging Grace:)!

Caroline got scrubbed down!

There is the store for you!

Now, for the tips and secrets!
This hair style is really simple! I didn't have it done at the store, but I figured it out. It takes some practice to make it look picture perfect! :) It is just two waterfall braids, and the second one uses the strands left behind by the first one! Really easy and it saves $20.00!
I don't know how to do this yet, but when I do, I will tell you how! And if you know, please leave it in the comments!

I found out that you can buy the Bitty Baby bed for AG dolls $70 instead of $125 dollars for the regular ones. The bed just about fits AG dolls, but if you want them you lay down straight, you better get the regular beds. The only diffrence is two inches, so I might procced to the checkout with the BB bed instead. You can also get BB sunglasses for your AG doll, but they don't look as great. The pair of AG glasses are $12, but the BB set of glasses is $8. Great deal! But, they still don't look as great. They don't even have lenses! Oh well!
Thats it for now! I hope you enjoyed this post as much as I did! See you later!


  1. Oh that looks like it was TONS of fun! I hope Mira will take me to the store sometime. Kit and Josephina have been, but I haven't yet.


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