Meet The Dolls

Hello! I'm glad you came to find out more about the girls! 

Caroline is my favorite doll. I'm sorry, but she is. She was the second doll that I bought with my own money. And she looks like me too!!!! We were both so disappointed when she was retired!!
Age: 20
Her Favs:
Movie: Captain America Winter Soldier
Food: Taco Bake
Best Friend: Jason, Isabelle 
Favorite Music Artist: Amanda Cook, Lauren Dangle, Britt Nicole, can I choose?? 
Hobby: Reading, sewing, fashion designing. Baking occasionally. 
Fun Fact: She is the oldest in the family and is ENGAGED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! To Jason!!! Wedding soon :) 

Jason is my newest doll. I customized him from a pleasant company Kit doll! He was fun to make. I bought his wig off of eBay. 
Jason's Favs:
Age: 21
Movie: LOTR
Food: Taco Bake
Best Friend: Caroline
Favorite Music Artist: Andy Mineo
Hobby: Reading the newspaper, playing with his dog, Basketball, Football. 
Fun fact: HE IS ALSO ENGAGED TO CAROLINE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Their wedding will be soon!!!!!!!!

Isabelle is such a cutie! I got her like four years ago cause I fell in love with her! Her story wasn't my fav, but I loved that she sewed and was a fashion designer! That's why she is such good friends of Caroline. In my house, she has no connection with ballet! 
Isabelle's Favs: 
Age: 18
Movie: Cinderella Live Action
Food: Chicken Noodle Soup
Best Friend: Grace, Caroline
Fav Music Artist: Toby Mac, Colton Dixon.
Hobby: Painting, sewing, fashion designing, listening to music.
Fun Fact: I get to be Caroline's mother in the MANDIE film! 

Grace is my second newest doll. I LOVED her and her story and decided to buy her! I have never regretted that decision! lol 
Grace's Favs:
Age: 17
Movie: Ratatouille
FoodFrench Macaroons
Best Friend: Isabelle 
Fav Music Artist: Capital Kings, For King and Country
Hobby: Baking, Reading, blogging.
Fun Fact: I have been to Paris and competed in Master Chef Junior and won!!

 Samantha is my newest doll! I got her for my birthday last year and I love her! The only thing I don't like about her is her zip tie neck! Not very nice. But she is so pretty!!
Samantha's Favs:
Age: 16
Movie: Beauty and the Beast Live Action (such a great movie!)
Food: Swedish Fish
Best Friend: Molly 
Fav Music Artist: Trip Lee, Rend Collective
Hobby: Hiking, being outdoors, and collecting flowers, school
Fun Fact: Samantha has won several spelling bees and math contests. She is a genius!

Molly is my first and oldest doll. She was given to me by my sister when I was little and then I sent her to the hospital cause her hair was horrid!! (clears throat) Uh, yeah, that was me.
Molly's Favs: 
Food: Banana Split
Movie: That Darn Cat
Best Friend: Sammy
Fav Music Artist: Francesca Battistelli, Piano Guys
Hobby: Singing, writing songs, piano playing, tap dancing
Fun fact: She wrote 5 songs and produced an album!

Addy was my third doll, I think! lol, it kind of muddles together! I bought her with my own money.
Addy's Favs:
Age: 14
Food: Double Chocolate chip cookies
Movie: Little House on the Praire
Best Friend: Esther
Fav Music Artist: Jordan Feliz, Hillsong Y&F
Hobby: Calligraphy, making Emoji things, Painting, Pottery
Fun Fact: Addy has a painting business!

Esther was my first customization!! I got her from a friend and her hair was HORRID!!!! Not my friend's fault though! But anyway it was so bad so I cut it but I was just so unhappy with it that I bought a curly wig for her and I LOVE it!!! She looks so pretty! 
Esther's Favs:
Age: 16
Food: Smoked Salmon
Movie: Anything MARVEL
Best Friend: Addy
Fav Music Artist: Blanca, The Afters
Hobby: Anything artsy or natural. She loves to make things out of natural things like berries and sticks!
Fun Fact: She also loves to style hair and is the stylist of the family!

Thank you for coming to learn more about the girls! Oh and boy. LOL! 


  1. Great post! We love all your girls! They are such great friends!
    Love Kit, Felicity, and Josephina

  2. I love how you updated it!

    1. Thanks! Yeah a photo shoot and photo story will be coming soon of Caroline and Jason!! XD!!!
      So excited!

  3. Gorgeous dolls! You have an awesome family!
    ~ Light4theLord

    1. Thank you so much!!! I had fun coming up with their individual stories and things! BTW I love your username. That's a wonderful name to have! Your blog is really sweet too! Thanks for visiting!

  4. Hi Chloe!
    Molly and Samantha have been nominated for the Sisters Award! Go to my blog, Days of Dollight, to check it out! Congratulations!

  5. OH MY GOODNESS. Your doll family is beautiful and THEIR MUSIC TASTES ARE ABSOLUTELY INCREDIBLE. I literally know and love all but one (Ooh, who's Jordan Feliz?) of those artists! I just discovered Trip Lee and my new favorite song is by the Afters and Capital Kings is just epic. But now I'm just ranting. XD I just discovered your blog -- it's AMAZING! I totally followed!


    1. Thank you so much Madison!!!! I know right! I love so many of those songs! Oh yeah Jordan Feliz is a great artist! You should look him up! You have probably heard of him but just don't know it was him! He has some pretty popular songs!! Thank you so much for following!!! It means a lot to me!!

    2. Aw, you're so welcome! And same!! I'll totally look him up! Yeah, probably! :D Aw, you're so very welcome! You blog is EPIC!

  6. I love your blog so much! I am going to subscribe. Your dolls are so pretty, and you have a lot of them! Will you check out my blog?
    I LOVE to sew!

    1. Aww thank you so much! I love what I do here! I really enjoy making posts and things! I checked out your blog, and I love it, and I saw some of your projects! You do a great job!!! :)

    2. You're welcome! Great! Thank you! Thanks again. <3


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