Molly's Walk

Hi there! This is Molly! Today I had nothing to do because all of my sisters were busy. So, I decided to take my dog Honey for a walk.

She has a sweet blue leash and rainbow sweater. I love her so much. She has a kind spirit.

She loves to take walks, so she was pulling really hard on the leash! She almost pulled me over!

We suddenly saw some candy and drink stands and went over to them.

There was a lemonade and shake stand called Sweet Sips. There was also a candy stand called The Sweet Shop. I had 10 dollars in my purse and I wanted to get something to eat.

The Sweet Sips lady gave my little Honey a treat!

I looked at all of the drinks, but decided not to get anything to drink. I wanted some candy to share with my sisters!

I did leave a tip though!

In the end I decided to get some licorice, M & M's, and candy bars. It cost $10 exactly!

I paid her, 

she gave me my candy,

and I left.

Honey, invigorated by the treat, tugged really hard on the leash, so I had to run home!

Over all, that was a great walk. See you later!


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