Camp Doll Diaries

Hi there friends! How are you? This is a story about Camp Doll Diaries. There is a website called and it is really cool! You should go there sometime! All the props in the story can be made by you! 

Hello! I am Kit. Molly and I working at Camp Doll Diaries today. It is going to start in a few days, so we were putting the finishing touches on it. We have a mailbox with all the girls names on it. most of them got a water bottle and we gave them each a cookie as a welcome present!
There is Molly over there! She and I are putting this together. She was arranging food and boxes on the tables. We have a little cooler that holds all of our food for the day.
Looks like Caroline and Isabelle are a little early! Camp is supposed to start on the 28th. 
Wait, today is the 28th! Oh no! We aren't ready!
Oh! And there are more campers! We haven't gotten their beds ready or anything!
Maybe they should come back later, and we will have everything ready.
"That is a good idea!"

So, let's get back on track. We were talking about...oh right! Molly's station.

The plates are circles cut out of foam, and the other dishes are made out foam. The sandwhiches are foam too, and the biscuts are cut out of a yellow scrubby. The carrot and celery sticks are also made out of foam!

This is my station. I make sure the campers are sighnd in and that they are OK. The clipboards are cardboard with a clip on top, and the pens are mini pens. They are so cute!

Well, that's it for now! See you later!


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