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Meet The Dolls

Hello! I'm glad you came to find out more about the girls! SO if you are a new reader this is all new to you. But for my old readers, I have changed things up quite a bit! I changed the ages and the order of their ages, but I kinda had too.... I thought it would be fun to change it up cause it would help me with photo stories and stuff so yeah!
Caroline is my favorite doll. I'm sorry, but she is. She was my second doll that I bought with my own money. And she looks like me too!!!! We were both so disappointed when she was retired!! Age: 19 Her Favs: Movie: Captain America Winter Soldier Food: Taco Bake Best Friend: Jason, Isabelle  Favorite Music Artist: Amanda Cook, Lauren Dangle, Britt Nicole, can I choose??  Hobby: Reading, sewing, fashion designing, playing with dolls. Baking occasionally.  Fun Fact: She is the oldest in the family and is ENGAGED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! To Jason!!!

Jason is my newest doll. I customized him from an Our Generation doll. He was fun to make. I b…

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