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Dreams Come True

I slowly walked down the pathway to the ceremony. My veil flowed behind me and my dress swished as I walked. It was surreal. All of my dreams were coming true!

Then I saw him. Jason Alexander Woodman. Looking as handsome as ever, and waiting patiently for me to walk down the aisle. 

I instantly teared up. I was about to marry the love of my life! I had waited so many years for this moment. Here began a new chapter in my life.

Everyone stood as I began my walk down the aisle. I saw my dear friends and sisters and family. They were smiling their biggest smiles with tears running down their faces. 

I finally reached Jason and turned toward Carrie. 

I handed her my bouquet of gorgeous flowers and turned back to my Jason. 

We joined hands.

I couldn't stop smiling. Jason couldn't stop smiling. I gazed into his deep blue eyes and saw tears brimming them. 

"You look amazing Caroline!"  Jason whispered to me. 

We turned toward the pastor. "Friends, we are gathered toget…

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